Aero Plantation, “A Place Of Acres”, is an area of beauty for the tranquil, peaceful living of its residents. A specifically planned community, it covers 385 acres of land and 38 acres of lakes. Lots of a minimum of two acres range from open meadow to hardwood forest, lakefront or runway front to seclusion. The natural beauty of the community is enhanced by the preservation of 90 acres of common properties including six miles of paved roads, two large lakes, tennis courts, a basketball court, several golf holes and additional adjoining land. In addition, residents enjoy the use of the 2400 foot paved, lighted aircraft runway (radio activated) and hanger as well. Small aircraft have the right-of-way along roads.

Aero Plantation has been declared a sanctuary for wildlife. Many species of birds, animals, and fish live in the lakes, meadows, and forests. Residents may own one horse per 2 acres of pasture and may ride their horses along the road shoulders. Resident fishermen enjoy fishing from the shore or using small, unpowered or troll powered boats on the lakes.